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Derek Martin

Derek Martin


It’s always been the thing that drives him, and gives him most satisfaction. It’s how he process life events and circumstances, and it’s how he connects with God. Derek grew up in Atlanta, GA to parents in ministry, and there were hard times. Without music, it would have been even harder to get through those times.

Derek, what will you be doing in Vancouver, BC?

"I'm moving there as an urban missionary. I'll be doing a mixture of a couple of things.

I'll be working with a church plant called St. Peter's Fireside. At SPF I'll be helping lead music and disciple musicians. I'll also be starting an organization called The Vancouver Collective. I crave community on a daily basis, and for introverts and extroverts alike, we all need community to live lives of purpose. I want to create a place where isolated artists can find a community people to thrive with. The Vancouver Collective will exist with hopes to provide great art for Vancouver, but also be a place where lasting relationships are formed."

He's raising support for this endeavor through a missions agency called Great Commission Ministries. If you'd like more info please visit